Friday, March 25, 2011

Famosas Mexicanas

Shaq says that Bynum did not "dare" to confront

A showman over the NBA's most pathetic. The decadent Shaquille O'Neal, despite being injured and be dated back to April 1, he again managed for release.

editor of ESPN , Marc Stein (God ...), breeding center asked if he expected to face the Celtics in the playoffs with the best in the league, Magic Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum the Lakers, O'Neal replied that: " Pardon? No ask me something."
Stein insisted on the topic because he said " people want to know why " (Does anyone cares, honestly?) Gave Shaq:
" First of all, they will not dare to play me a 1 - anti-1, even at 39 I have. You know what? playing those teams (Magic, Celtics or Lakers), not be the central match, so I do not care . "

respect the opinion of O'Neal, but let a single event four years ago, in the which shows that this is lip service: 1) At least Bynum, they are encouraged to go head to head (on and off the court, apparently), and 2) A self Shaq cares about the issue. .. or at least back then cared. See it yourself:

Bynum Can you imagine making a foul Shaq style that was Michael Beasly ?


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